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      Pilot order

      With the best repay our customer, with the world certificated technology spread our self-confidence all over the world.

      Wooshin is specialized in the production of automobile welding line and body parts. Since its establishment in 1984, Wooshin has always adhered the idea “pursue happiness by producing people oriented equipments” and has thrived in our customer’s trust and support.
      Wooshin was the first enterprise for localization of automation welding equipment, and Wooshin has become the leader to promote the development of domestic automobile welding equipments in the middle of 1990s.Since then depending on its strong technical strength, Wooshin has exported technology and equipments to a number of countries in Asia and Europe, and has received unanimously praise.
      Wooshin has four branch companies: Korea Wooshin, China Wooshin, India Wooshin and America Wooshin. In recent years, the four cooperate closely and compete with the world’s leading enterprise and get high evaluation on its technology and quality.
      Wooshin has been persisting in the principles ”technology research and development for demand of customers” , ” zero defective rate in product quality”,” keep commitments absolutely” etc. and making unremitting efforts to the global automobile industry development. General Manager of Wooshin science & technology co., ltd

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